SEO (search engine optimization)

Understanding & SEO Guide
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a technique that we make the website easily found through search engines like Google.

Internet is the medium of the most inexpensive, effective and fast in delivering information. Other media such as brochures should be printed and sent to the activity physically. For television media cost is very large, and only a few seconds.

With the internet we just pay the internet, create a website, updating the contents. But even if Even so it does not mean anything if we do not visit the website. Therefore we have tried to keep our website visited by people. The most effective way to bring visitors is through search engine Google. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

The initial step of SEO is to choose a domain that suits your business.

The second step is the planned content of your website.

The third step is to create a technical support website SEO. Contact the web developer that has this capability.

The fourth step up your website content, make sure there are additional facilities News and Articles.

The fifth step to do much research what keywords visitors use. For this research please visit the

The sixth step for the articles with titles and content of these keywords. Surely these keywords should be related to your business. Create also other articles that support / relate to the fifth article. This is to enrich your website.

The seventh step frequently visited to add insight regarding SEO, how to use search engines to promote your products and services.

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