Reviews on the Apple Operating system Machintosh

Macintosh, Mac for short, is one type of PowerPC-based personal computers manufactured by Apple.Macintosh was first introduced in January 1984 through Super Bowl advertising is phenomenal. Macintosh is the first to introduce a computer system graphical user interface (GUI). At that time, the steps taken by APPLE is a revolutionary development in the world of personal computers. Mac OS stands for Macintosh Operating System. Mac OS is a computer operating system created by Apple Computer for Macintosh computers and is compatible with IBM-based PC. Introduced in 1984, Mac OS since 2006 has had compatibility with PowerPC and x86 architectures. Mac OS X is the latest version of Mac OS operating system for Macintosh computers. The operating system was first issued in 2001. Many do not realize, when Apple launched its new operating system Mac OS 10.5 codenamed Leopard last October, the latest operating system is much cheaper than Microsoft's Windows Vista that has at least five kinds of prices. Sold for about $ 2 million for family use with five computers, operating system features the equivalent of Windows Vista.

The advantages offered by the operating system Leopard is Apple's security. Everyone knows that Windows operating systems require a better security system. Mac OS 10 operating system more secure and has not been any reports bobolnya security system. Another interesting feature in Mac OS 10.5 is Quick Look. This feature allows users to browse documents in actual size without opening the program that created the document. The presence of high-speed broadband access led to many Internet users tend to gather various information. While the iPhone is Apple's mobile phone output of which has several advantages such as ease of Internet connections, multimedia sophistication among other smartphones. iPhone is a combination of cell phone camera, media player such as iPod video and mobile Internet client (with features such as e-mail, web browsing and Wi-Fi. The Mac operating system Mac OS X has a good performance. Mac is almost never experienced such crashes occur on Windows. Mac also does not require additional hardware such as driver for the printer. Macs immune to viruses. Anti virus is not needed on a Mac. Mac users no longer need to be bothered with schedule download anti virus update. One thing that makes Mac users feel safe is guaranteed for one year warranty and AppleCare service it. Mac sales price is not low. Apple's attention and service users are also good. This is why today many people migrating from Windows to Mac. The relationship between the MAC OS to the iPhone is, the iPhone running iPhone OS operating system-based variants are found in central Darwin operating system MAC OS X. Do not forget to be found also 'Core Animation' software component of MAC OS X v10.5 Leopard. In addition, of course, to calibrate, sync, and database backup of the iPhone is easier to do than the Macintosh operating system than windows. Equipped with the same software, ie iTunes in Mac OS and iPhone, the problem of copy to copy songs and videos just as easy as drag-and-drop only. Indeed there are striking differences between Mac OS 10.5 and earlier versions, Mac OS 10.3 Tiger or Mac OS 10.4 Panther. After trying the Compass Leopard for some time, Apple's latest operating system is easier to use and fun for anyone, even beginners though.Many things changed in the new Apple operating system is. Expectations were growing that Apple's operating system is able to stand alone, no longer associated with computer hardware made by Apple. If only Mac OS 10.5 can produce cloned computer that runs on any brand computer, a lot of people who might be migrating an operating system that is intuitive and easy to use.

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