business strategy with google adwords

Google AdWords is an advertising product that is made by Google which is still a major revenue source of Google in the field of advertising. Google AdWords is an advertising marketing strategy that uses Google as a search engine advertising advice, commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing or search engine-based marketing.Google AdWords has two ways to advertise, namely: 1. PPM systems or Pay Per Million Impressions, where advertisers pay for the products advertised via Google based on the amount per thousand impressions or impressions of his ad. 2. System PPC or Pay Per Click, where the advertisers pay the advertisements based on the number of clicks didapt of the ad. So if the ads appear on Google search engine but no one does click, the advertiser will not pay for ad impressions. The strategy is to target the Google AdWords Keyword or keyword search. So we can target our ads out on a particular keyword. For example if someone wants to advertise on the rental car, so he can target the keyword "car rental" on Google AdWords and then the ads will appear in search results when people enter the keyword "car rental".

Google Adwords platform is divided into two, namely:A. Google Search, where our ads appear on Google search engine. The platform is based text search and keyword. 2. Google Display Network, where our ads appear on sites that belong to the network Google Display Network. Ie sites that put Google Adsense on the site. Display Network platform is based on the text, image, flash and video.Google also provides a tool (tool) Keyword Tool to see data on the number of searches and the level of competition for the use of a keyword advertising on AdWords. In addition, by using Google Insight and Google Trends we can also find the trend of keywords that are being sought by the community so that we can target our advertising campaign through the keywords in accordance with current trends. The official website is located at AdWordsBut not all of the advertisements on Google have the ability or time to efficiently manage your ad campaign because it is so much the system settings or settings that may affect the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. These problems can be overcome by employing an agent Adwords Adwords Qualified Individuals who are able to optimize your ads so as not to carelessly and unknowingly wasting its budget Adwords budget.In Europe, North America and some Asian countries have much to employ some Adwords Qualified Individual and not a few among them who did not receive the client's budget with expenditures below 1000 USD per week. But in Indonesia the marketnya just realized the potential of advertising on Google Adwords is more flexible in the acceptance of the installation budget.However, in contrast to many countries in Europe and America where revenue management certification program to Adwords has been a lot made in their language, in Indonesia the subject matter is still in English therefore the number of Adwords Qualified Individuals in the country is still included rare. Golden e-Marketing is one example of Adwords agent in Indonesia who receives monthly budget with a low number and also use Adwords Qualified Individual.

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