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Before starting an affiliate business, you need to understand the types of business affiliates that you will eventually wrestled, including benefits and payment systems in general. Here we say briefly:A. Pay Per SaleThis type of affiliate business is also often called Pay Per Action, because you've got a sales commission from the affiliate merchant, after purchasing the product is really happening.2. RecurringFor this type of affiliate business, you get a commission from the affiliate merchant regularly, because, being a member, and managed to find a buyer for your subscription service. The surplus, you will continue to receive commissions on a regular basis, as long as buyers continue to use the purchased product.3. Pay Per LeadAffiliate business is done in a way to bring prospective buyers with specific criteria, to the affiliate merchant website. Typically, payment for affiliate marketers do is flat.

Pay Per SearchThe kind that is quite interesting and does not require high skills. Affiliate merchants pay only when users use the features you quickly search for a specific given was inserted link from the merchant. So, you just attach the search of the merchant city, and await payment.5. Pay Per ClikThere is also a merchant that offers an affiliate without much skill, that is pay per click. In this way, you will get paid for every visitor who clicks on the affiliate merchant ads.6. Hybrid ProgramsFor the last type of affiliate businesses, the merchant will give you a commission when users click on banner. Commission will continue to grow, as more and more internet users who click on these baneer.How to Become an Affiliate
In closing this brief description, you seem to need to try one of the merchant's affiliate companies, such as Amazon Affiliate. Once registered as a member of the website, you will be able to start looking for products to be marketed. If payments on affiliate marketers do not need to doubt.

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